Lanteglos by Fowey Parish Council


The documents listed below are also available on application to the Parish Clerk. Information provided is correct at time of going to press but no responsibility is accepted for any loss or damage caused due to the use of this information.


2014-15 Annual Return

2015-2016 Audit Report

2016-17 Audit Report

2017-18 Account Audit final

2017-18 Annual Report

2017-18 Annual Report - Public Notice

2019-20 Annual Accounts

2019-20 Annual Report - Public Notice

Accounts For The Year Ended 31 March 2019

AGAR End of audit notice

AGAR External Audit Report 2019-20

Chairman's Annual Report May 2015

Chairman's Report January 2015

Chairman's Report March 2015

Chairman's Report November 2014

Chairman's Report September 2014

CIL Report 2019-20

External Audit Report 2018-19

Lanteglos By Fowey Parish Plan 2005

Neighbourhood Plan 2016


NPD Survey Report

Parish Lighting - Minute Extracts

Parking Enforcement 2020

Payment Schedule - December 2020

Payment Schedule - March 2021

Payment Schedule - November 2020

Payment Schedule - October 2020

Payment Schedule 2021-02-23

Payment Schedule April 2021

Payment Schedule January 2021

Penpoll Junction Survey Results - Dec 2020

Polruan Village Hall Annual Report 2015-16

Quay Lights and Fore Street Drains June 15

Roadside hedge and tree management

Rubbish and Waste Plan - June 2015

Policies & Procedures

2012 Cornwall Code of Conduct For City, Community, Parish and Town Councils

Asset Register

Asset Register - Other Property

Asset Register - Seats

Community Engagement Strategy

Complaints Policy

Financial Regulations 2019

Freedom of Information Act Policy for Handling Requests for Information

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme

Freedom of Information Regs Part 1

Freedom of Information Regs Part 2

GDPR Data Asset Register

GDPR Data Audit

Guidance for Joining Virtual Meetings

Health and Safety Policy

Lanteglos by Fowey Parish Council Risk Assessment 2014-2015

Privacy Policy

Risk Assessment - Frogmore WC

Risk Assessment - St Saviours WC

Risk Assessment - The Quay WCs

Risk Assessment 2015-16

Social Media Policy

Standing Orders

Standing Orders - Coronavirus amendment

Statement Of Internal Control Part 1

Statement Of Internal Control Part 2

Unreasonably Persistent and/or Vexatious Complainants


Refuse Collection Letter CC

return of name of persons elected

Statement as to persons nominated

Uncontested Notice


European Parliamentary Election 2019

Induction Pack

Neighbour Hood Plan Doc

Printable Neighbourhood Plan Questionaire

The Code Of Conduct Guide

Using Road Salt


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