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Meetings, Agendas & Minutes

Full Council Meetings are held in Whitecross Village Hall on the fourth Tuesday of the month (except August and December when there are no meetings). Meetings start at 7pm. The public and press have the opportunity at the start of the meeting to comment on items on the agenda and to ask questions or make comments on matters affecting the Parish.

Please note: Meetings that are advertised as Public Meetings can be filmed or recorded by broadcasters, the media or members of the public. Please be aware that whilst every effort is taken to ensure that members of the public are not filmed, we cannot guarantee this, especially if you are speaking or taking an active role.

Full Council Meetings


Date Comment Agenda Minutes
26/07/2022Polruan Village HallAgendaMinutes (Unapproved)
28/06/2022Polruan Village HallAgendaMinutes
24/05/2022Polruan Village HallAgendaMinutes
04/05/2022Whitecross Village HallAgendaMinutes
11/04/2022Parish MeetingAgendaMinutes
22/03/2022Whitecross Village HallAgendaMinutes
22/02/2022Whitecross Village HallAgendaMinutes
25/01/2022Whitecross Village HallAgendaMinutes
11/01/2022Whitecross Village HallAgendaMinutes


Date Comment Agenda Minutes
23/11/2021Whitecross Village HallAgendaMinutes
26/10/2021Whitecross Village HallAgendaMinutes
28/09/2021Full Council MeetingAgendaMinutes
17/08/2021Advisory Council MeetingAgendaMinutes
27/07/2021Advisory Council MeetingAgendaMinutes
22/06/2021Advisory Council MeetingAgendaMinutes
25/05/2021Advisory Council MeetingAgendaMinutes
18/05/2021Annual Parish Council MeetingAgendaMinutes
27/04/2021Virtual MeetingAgendaMinutes
27/04/2021Parish MeetingAgendaMinutes
26/04/2021Staffing Meeting - closed to the publicAgendaMinutes
23/03/2021Virtual MeetingAgendaMinutes
23/02/2021Virtual MeetingAgendaMinutes
19/01/2021Virtual MeetingAgendaMinutes

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Finance and General Purposes Committee Meetings

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Planning Committee Meetings

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